Thursday, May 1, 2014

 Just-a-Scrappin' Challenge May 5, 2014. It's May already and life it moving fast  forward for me.  Create a sewing project.   For this challenge I used the horse fabric to make a book/album cover.

1. Measure the book to cover, add 1/2 inch seams extra for pleat in spine and the amount for fold over.  Cut your fabric to fit the way you want.  Here I had to make adjustments so the horse would be on the front and back.  If you use light weight fabric it should be lined.

 2. I used the boarder for the inside fold of the cover.

3.  On this I have a pleat inside the spine so I can adjust the size to fit as the book grows. I can take out the seam and sew it to fit as needed.

If you do not usually sew or make your project without a pattern you many want to buy a pattern and use it for getting the detail instructions.  Thanks for stopping by and check out   Just-a-Scrappin'!



  1. I couldn't wait to see how you sewed a book cover what a great idea and I loved the horse as your theme such beautiful animals. Another reason I loved it is it's also earth friendly you can reuse your book cover just another great challenge for you

  2. Wow-great idea! I need an album just for my horse pictures. I like the idea of a pleat to adjust the fit-perfect!

  3. Wow you did a great job! I just subscribed to your blog! So cool!